Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Dubai World Cup 2017

Back! There are setbacks and comebacks, and the coolest one of these is getting myself back to on the blog :)

Here, I would love to present my glamourously amazing outfit I had for the Dubai World Cup 2017,
the event I have been awaiting all 729 days!!!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

I feel Arabic today...

Once in a while, maybe once in a month I wake up and just feel Arabic. I know it is strange, but I miss a hat/hijab, I cover myself totally and feel weirdly unsafe when I am in Europe and there is no ladies carriage in the metro! Then I open my wardrobe and wonder why there is no abayas there to choose! (Well I have two and a half-abaya which is like EU version but I want to have a full choice!) Then I am back to reality reminding myself that possibly that could have been my past life and could be a future life. 

Nevertheless, I totally fell for this awesome Endemage abaya. I still remember the fashion show during Fashion Forward yet the Omani sisters behind the brand presented more casual collection, so I totally didn't know they create such wonderful piece of art abayas.

Another design I found on haute arabia website is from Guin - love the floral ornaments. One day I will definitely have these two in my wardrobe!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

D3 Opening

One of the most distinct areas for fashion and design just opened in Dubai. 
I took the chance to visit it's opening. Concerts, shows, foods and obviously fashion
was what was waiting in that great area just a bit behind Dubai Mall. 
While my camera was not working properly, I have most pics taken with the phone so the quality isn't the best. Yet, d3 looks like it's gonna provide huuuuuuuge spaces to many designers to come.
I wore a dark long skirt a black top and jacket and added my precious gold Gabs bag to add some golden Dubai style to my outfit :) 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Chanel Cruise Fashion Show Private Island Dubai 2014

So I was among the lucky atendees of Chanel Cruise Collection 2014 Fashion Show....
Got to sit pretty close to Karl Lagerfield, and took some pictures of actresses.
The full report below. Pictures are mine - All rights reserved.

Karl sitting only 4 people away...

My selfie with Karl's Muse...

The design inside was avesome...Table with the Burj Khalifa view

Me and Karl

Selfie with Karl

Paparazzi Time

Fashionable poses

Actress and singer Vanessa Paradis

The venue

Karl into my lens

All the girls taking pics of Karl

Karl making some French fashion statements for TV interviews

The catalogues

Vanessa Paradis, Karl Lagerfield

Frieda Pinto greets Karl

I was so close!

All the food on the table

Awesome venue design

The stage with Janelle Monae

Look who was sitting here! 

Me taking the royal family seat

The view of Dubai from Hamdan's Private Island... 

Overall the show and the experience was impressive, an awesome opportunity to see and network with the top of world's fashion elite. <3

 Pictures are mine - All rights reserved.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Dubai World Cup 2014 - Flashback on Fashion Insights Report

Loving Meydan: Hello and Welcome to High Life High Fashion Dubai! My name is Kamila and today I am reporting for you from the most prestigious horserace in the world - DUbai World Cup 2014. If you are curious about the latest fashion trends from the world's elite - stay with me...

All's ready for the celebration of the year

The restaurant's view 

 Taking a buggy from the hotel to the Apron Views

Red carpets and high heels thats how it starts...

The fashion show starts here...

the shoes!!! and backless dress

Meydan Grandstand can accomodate up to 60000 guests

To be continued...

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Tresemme Arabia Fashion Night

Tresemme Arabia Fashion night is upcoming, and I just love their video!

Monday, 2 March 2015

A Muse of the Sun

This post contains some poetry and a Marina photoshoot...

My city
Here I am
Not smiling, yet stronger
Enslaved by the light
A muse of the sun
Bathed in a new day
Learned how to face defeat with class
Make a lake of tears with style

Hide all the mess with the best make-up
& find in every challenge an aspect of gratitude
Just like a yacht finds its way back to marina
A survivor, an empress, a scriptwriter
One and Only friend of herself
An author of a new day
A daughter of a marvellous emirate
Grounds the sky high dream
Of leadership
Deeply inspired by the modern skyline
In the most awesome of all sunrises