Saturday, 28 February 2015

Marina May, 2010

When I was first time in Dubai, I was enchanted by every scene, in every second - and the pictures are the proof! 
Therefore while strolling around Marina, I somehow managed to meet a photographer as a passer-by, 
who is an author of the following shoot. Sorry for no-cultural-sensitivity in terms of my skirt length,
I was a pretty purely European tourist on that occassion, who simply fell in love in the flowers found on Marina Walk...  xxx 

P.S. Only after few years here I feel more Arab than European now...and would never ever wear such skirt length again anywhere in Dubai... Now more and more often I feel like I seriously need an abaya to go out... 

Whole outfit was pretty much Forever 21, as this is when the London store was not yet there, so that was the only opportunity for me to shop in this American chain before a trip to Europe... 
Scarf- Old Spitalfields Market, London, UK

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Italian High-End Brand ‘Gabs’ Launched in Dubai

Italian High-End Brand ‘Gabs’ Launched in Dubai

Collection Available at OConcept and The Cartel Stores

Dubai-UAE: 0‬9 February, 2015: Italian high-end fashion brand ‘Gabs’ has launched its winter

collection for the first time in Dubai. The collection includes a wide variety of handbags and

accessories by the designer Franco Gabbrielli.

‘Gabs’ symbolizes premium Italian quality, creativity and new age experimentation. A real

project built around the concept of transformation where originality and authenticity go with

surprise and colour. The light blue branded button and shoulder strap are the distinctive

hallmarks of the brand, enhancing spirit of beauty and fun.

The collection is available at ‘OConcept’ store located in The Beach Hotel Apartments, Jumeirah

1 and at ‘The Cartel’ in Al Quoz, close to the Oasis Center Dubai.

For further details, please email us at info@mediaart-me.com or call us at +971 4 379 4428.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

New shoes!!

I love Aldo recently.
From sunglasses to shoes, their style is awesome.
Remember the day I was chasing around the city all day,
From Aldo Marina, went to Aldo MOE in order to reach Aldo Deira City Centre.
All just for these beauties:

Finally my beloved reached me by aramex. 
And I found them on my bed as I wasn't home when arrived, 
so a perfect birthday gift to myself.
Genuine leather, so comfy! And golden heel so classy!!! 


Sunday, 12 October 2014


Zareena Presents Mystical ‘Arabian Nights’

Themed Collection at Fashion Forward Dubai

Dubai-UAE: 08 October, 2014 - Zareena, the Emirati high couture fashion brand,

unveiled its latest collection inspired by the ‘Arabian Nights’ at the season four of

Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWD) held on 5 October, 2014 at Madinat Jumeirah.

UAE National designer Zareena Yousif, showcased 37 creations from her new collection

that delighted a packed audience of fashion elites.

Zareena is a brand known for creating luxurious, exquisite pieces. This season, the

collection is inspired from the ‘Arabia Nights: One Thousand and One Nights’. The brand

promise stays fulfilled, an abundance of flow, the richness of touch in fabrics, and a

cornucopia of colours, the essence of Arabian culture.

The set, music and lighting to the piled-high hair of the female models and costumes of

the male models added to the drama of the fashion show.

Zareena brings to each of her designs an exotic fusion of ethnic embroidery techniques

that make every creation a one-of-a kind classic piece. Zareena’s unique avant-garde

use of embroidery from around the globe combined with silver and gold threads and

fabrics of the highest quality bring a magical princess-like quality to all of her creations.

photos by Getty Images for Fashion Forward

Friday, 19 September 2014

London, bae, finally!

The finest places and the finest lifestyle.
We spent a lovely evening with life music at the Oblix, 32nd floor of the Shard, 
tallest building in Europe. Tower Bridge was our table view.

before the Oblix we also went to the AquaShard, 
Shangri La Hotel at the Shard London. 

I started liking the lifts with only two floor choices;) 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Photoshoot Mallorca

Fashion Forward part II

In the fashion garden we could spot a new kind of foodie fashion bags lovely decorated. I pretty much liked the nutella one.

The latest trend of Chanel - Socks in the heels. I knew this very criticized trend had finally to come! Congrats Chanel! 

Was approached by Tina fashion blogger to pose for this http://www.tinayums.com
as well as by sandandthecity.net

And the pose for Harpeer's Bazaar! 

Yet it was Ezra who nailed it and mastered the show in a ceremonial way to perfection to detail.
From the snow flakes to the heart touching soundtrack, extremely adorning his fab delicate bridal designs. 
He definitely knew how to create a special atmosphere.