Saturday, 23 August 2014

Photoshoot Mallorca

Fashion Forward part II

In the fashion garden we could spot a new kind of foodie fashion bags lovely decorated. I pretty much liked the nutella one.

The latest trend of Chanel - Socks in the heels. I knew this very criticized trend had finally to come! Congrats Chanel! 

Was approached by Tina fashion blogger to pose for this http://www.tinayums.com
as well as by sandandthecity.net

And the pose for Harpeer's Bazaar! 

Yet it was Ezra who nailed it and mastered the show in a ceremonial way to perfection to detail.
From the snow flakes to the heart touching soundtrack, extremely adorning his fab delicate bridal designs. 
He definitely knew how to create a special atmosphere. 

Fashion Forward Day 1

Another great Fashion Event is definitely the Fashion Forward. I am always grateful to Bong Guerro for the Initiative to create such fab event! Hopefully this one comes twice a year. I was there with my fav model Elena, and she posed beautifully to most of my pics. The lovely design is by Ati, and her store can be found in Sheikh Zayed Rd, opposite side of Dubai Mall. 

Ati's design definitely attracted the presenter who wanted to interview us for Audi.

We attended wonderful Kage Show.

Al Anoud Badr was there in the front row.

Kage's models had their hair superstyled

Saturday, 19 April 2014

New Outfit

Hi my loves,
This is the outfit I am wearing today.
The weather is hot and sunny, so I chose loose pants and jacket in case of evening outing.
The sunnies are a must, matching well with the colors.